China denies Britain’s condemnation on Hong Kong | China denies Britain’s condemnation of Hong Kong

Beijing, 15 November (IANS). Chinese Ambassador Lyo Xiaoming met British Foreign and Development Ministry official Philippe Batren on 13 November to refute Britain’s baseless condemnation and China’s serious stance on misdemeanor statements and actions, according to reports from the UK-based Chinese embassy. Cast light on.

Lyo Xiaoming said that the British Ministry of Foreign and Development official had several times criticized the decision of the quality of MPs of the Legislative Assembly of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region by the Chinese National Representative Assembly (NPC) and openly criticized Hong Kong’s case and China’s Interfered in internal affairs. China expressed strong dissatisfaction and strong opposition on this.

Lyo Xiaoming said that the NPC is the permanent body of China’s highest national ruling body, which has the right to decide on theoretical questions in Hong Kong’s basic law and Hong Kong’s implementation of national security law. Whose legal capacity and reputation cannot be challenged. Government employees, especially lawmakers with the right to make laws, should support the law of their country and be patriotic. This is the basic rule of any legal society.

Lyo stated that Hong Kong is a Special Administrative Region of China. The question of the quality of the Member of Legislative Assembly of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an internal matter of China. The action of any country or external power to intervene in the internal affairs of Hong Kong and China, will surely strike the entire Chinese people, including the Hong Kong countrymen. The British side has repeatedly made baseless allegations against China on the pretext of the Sino-UK joint statement, which is absolutely baseless.

Lyo Xiaoming emphasized that the Hong Kong question is related to China’s central interests. China’s resolve to protect the sovereignty, security and development interests of the country will never change. China calls on Britain not to interfere in the Hong Kong issue and China’s internal affairs and not to go further in the wrong way.

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