Covid-19: The worst situation in the world so far in Delhi in case of rising corona cases | Covid-19: The worst situation in the world so far in Delhi, Home Ministry teams will investigate each private hospital

Digital Desk, New Delhi. In the case of the increasing cases of Corona in November, neither in India nor in the world is the worst situation in Delhi. According to the India Today Data Intelligence Unit (DIU) report, the situation in Delhi’s daily Kovid data on several days since the beginning of this month is a matter of great concern. These figures are among the worst 10 days of data seen by any city worldwide. Explain that this situation came to light when DIU analyzed the available data of many countries of Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

In these circumstances, the Union Home Ministry has formed teams to prevent corona virus infection in New Delhi. These teams will reach all the private hospitals located in Delhi and will check the status of compliance of various guidelines issued by the Union Ministry of Health regarding the screening and treatment of Kovid-19 patients. The Home Ministry has said that these teams will start their work with immediate effect and submit their report with specific information within two days. Explain that in view of the situation of Kovid-19 in New Delhi, a joint meeting was held on Sunday between the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health and the Government of Delhi.

Corona investigation will double in Delhi
In this meeting, instructions were soon issued in Delhi to double the corona virus detection using RT-PCR technique. Apart from these, in view of the shortage of health workers, additional doctors and para medical staff were allowed to be provided from CAPF. These employees will be airlifted to Delhi soon. Talking about the days of high figures of daily new cases, the city of Sao Paulo in Brazil stays close to Delhi. Sao Paulo observed these days during a sharp rise in the month of August. New York saw a number of days when there were more than 5,000 case reports during a sharp rise in the month of April. But on November 11, Delhi saw 8,593 new cases, no other city in the world saw it in a day.

There were 7,830 case reports in Delhi on 10 November, 7,802 on 13 November and 7,745 on 8 November. Talking of counties in the US, Texas reported more than 10,000 case reports on September 21, but this high figure was due to backlog reporting. Among Brazilian cities, Rio de Janeiro comes next, after Sao Paulo, but it cannot compare with the figures of São Paulo or Delhi.

New York and Sao Paulo also behind
The calculation of individual days can be misleading – a single day’s bounce can misrepresent the overall trend in the city. And days with comparatively high figures may give the impression that outbreaks were of comparable size in the most affected cities. But if these cities are comparable on different days, then the continuing current boom in Delhi has overtaken New York City and Sao Paulo.

Delhi’s seven-day Aurasat 87
However, the increase in mortality that Delhi currently faces is still lower than what New York had seen at the start of the epidemic. Delhi’s current seven-day average is 87, reaching its high of 133 in mid-June. At its peak, daily deaths in New York City in early April averaged 567. As far as Sao Paulo is concerned, the average was 110 in June. What Delhi is seeing may be the highest jump for any city in the world, but it is still far from being the deadliest in the world.


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