In Pakistan, the order to kill a woman under Karo Kari was done, the police saved their lives | In Pakistan, the order to kill a woman under Karo Kari was given, the police saved their lives

Muzaffargarh, 16 November (IANS). Police in Muzaffargarh area of ​​Punjab province of Pakistan foiled an attempt to kill a woman and her child through an illegal jirga, in which the elders of the area sentenced a woman to death under the ill-fated Karo Kari custom.

According to the information received, an illegal tribal jirga in Muzaffargarh declared a woman as Kari and decided to kill her with her newborn child.

The woman’s lover named Taunsa is killed in another city, who asked the victim and her six-day-old child to take refuge in Jhang to escape.

Police sources have confirmed from IANS that a man named Noor Shah was sentenced to death under the Jirga in the same case and was killed in June this year. It was decided to kill the woman and her newborn child under a similar decision of the same jirga.

Police has sentenced sections 310-A, 506-B of the Pakistan Penal Code (punishment for criminal intimidation, if there is a threat to death or serious injury, etc.), 148 (rioting, armed with a deadly weapon) and 149 (unlawfully collected Every member of HONA) has lodged an FIR.

According to the FIR, at least six names have emerged which were allegedly involved in the illegal jirga work and its decisions.

“Of the six suspects named in the FIR, two have been arrested and the woman with nine children has been provided security,” a police officer said.

Police said the victim woman, Jarna Bibi, married Makam Khan 18 years ago and since then the couple have six sons and three daughters.

Makam’s brother Kala Khan later accused his brother’s wife of having an illicit affair with a man named Noor Shah, who was killed after the Jirga verdict in June.



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