Ira Khan wrote an emotional post by sharing an old video on the occasion of brotherhood | Ira Khan wrote an emotional post by sharing an old video on the occasion of Brotherhood

Mumbai, 16 November (IANS) On the occasion of Bhayuduj, Ira Khan has shared a throwback video from a play by his brother Junaid Khan.

This footage is from one of his theater play A Famering Story, in which he is seen doing his own make-up.

Sharing this video on his social media handle, Ira Khan has written, “How I am … There is so much to say … How to say it correctly?” Happy Bhaubij Junnu. I don’t think I have ever mentioned this or told how grateful I am to myself as a brother like you, so today I will use this day to convey this.

She further writes, Junaid is a brilliant brother. A big part of my personality and life is due to them – all the best things. We have been apart from each other for a few years while doing many different things. When I came back, they said that Fejheh needed some people to help backstage. He himself was also a part of that drama. It was nice to see Junaid working in a professional space. This made me realize that apart from being my brother, there are other things in him. Watching him (interacting with him and other crew members backstage) made me feel very proud.

Ira finally writes, of course, I will never tell them all this and that is the advantage of her not being on social media. Take some time to appreciate the people involved in your life. Do this with any excuse. They deserve it and you too.



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