Kishore’s hand severed in Andhra Pradesh blast | Kishore’s hand severed in Andhra Pradesh blast

Amravati, 16 November (IANS). A 13-year-old teenager lost both his hands in a blast at the cattle shed on Sunday in Andhra Pradesh’s Kurnool district. This information was given by the police.

Police suspect that the explosion was caused by the explosion of a native bomb. The incident occurred in Chenampalli village in Avaku mandal.

The boy had both his hands amputated from his wrist and sustained serious injuries on his legs and face. The boy has been identified as Var Kumar. He was first admitted to the government hospital in Banganpally and later transferred to Kurnool for treatment.

Five cattle were injured and the cattle ranch, according to Banganpally S * +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Inspector Suresh Kumar Reddy is.

The police collected samples from the blast site and started investigation.

However, this village is notorious for factionalism, quarrels, so the police were trying to find out if there was any faction behind the blast.



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