Now pictures of corrupt policemen will be displayed in public (IANS Exclusive) | Now pictures of corrupt policemen will be displayed in public (IANS Exclusive)

New Delhi, 16 November (IANS). The Center has decided that now photographs of corrupt police officers and police personnel along with their crime will be put on the notice boards of the police stations. Apart from this, this demonstration will not be limited to police stations only, but the officials will also share it on social media.

This decision has been taken as part of the government’s police image and public contact initiative.

The Union Home Ministry is responsible for the internal security of the country. The directive stated, action against corrupt police officers would get proper publicity on social media; Photographs of corrupt police officers will be displayed in police stations along with details of the incidents in which they were involved.

Highly placed sources in the government said that this decision will not be limited to only lower level policemen. Pictures of corrupt senior Indian Police Service (IPS) officers will also be prominently displayed.

The source also said that the government has also directed that the police forces have to strengthen their internal vigilance unit to catch corrupt policemen.

A senior IPS officer said that lack of formidable manpower, fatigue of duty and fleeing from duty lead to corruption among policemen.

As per the initiative, the government has also asked all police chiefs to analyze social media content and form in-house teams to increase police penetration. As stated in the directive, tweets and retweets, social media posts and discussions are scientifically analyzed to understand perception and mood with specific reference to current / upcoming issues.

The directive states that the use of vernacular language along with Hindi and English should be used to spread content on social media for greater access. It was also said that the small foot-guard police foot patrols should be used to increase the need of the police and disseminate their photographs and videos to improve the image of the police.

The directive further states that videos and photographs showing police sensitivity should be widely shared on all social media platforms.



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