Sushil Modi Deputy Chief Minister, Sushil Modi Deceit about the post of Deputy Chief Minister | Bihar: Sushil Modi’s deceit, said – no one can take away the post of worker, BJP can send Rajya Sabha

Digital Desk, Patna. Several important meetings were held on Sunday to form the new government in Bihar. During this time Nitish Kumar was elected the leader of the NDA Legislature Party and it was decided that Nitish will be the next CM of Bihar, but there is still confusion for the post of Deputy CM. In fact, the defense minister and former party president were appointed election observers by the BJP for the meetings held for the formation of the government. After the meeting, Rajnath Singh gave information about almost all the posts, but remained silent on the post of Deputy Chief Minister. In such a situation, the possibility of BJP’s leader Sushil Kumar Modi becoming deputy chief minister may again be dulled. Because Tarkishore Prasad has been elected the leader of BJP Legislature Party in the meeting and has been made the deputy leader of NDA. While Renu Devi has been elected Deputy Leader of BJP Legislature Party.

Now after Rajnath’s silence, former Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Sushil Modi has also broken his silence. He said that the BJP and the Sangh Parivar gave me so much in 40 years of political life that they might not have found anyone else. I will discharge the responsibility that will be given in future also. No one can take away the post of worker. In another tweet, Sushil Modi also congratulated Tarkishorji for unanimously choosing the leader of the BJP Legislature.

Earlier, he tweeted and congratulated Tarkishore Prasad on being elected as the leader of BJP Legislature Party and deputy leader of Renu Devi. At the same time, Giriraj Singh has also given a big statement regarding the post of Deputy Chief Minister. He said that respected Sushil ji you are the leader, you had the post of Deputy Chief Minister, even then you will be the leader of BJP, no one is bigger than the post.

Sushil Modi also removed the post of Deputy CM from social profile
According to media reports, the BJP is going to make him a minister at the Center by sending Sushil Kumar Modi to the Rajya Sabha in place of the late Ram Vilas Paswan. The BJP has not yet made a formal announcement, but Sushil Modi has removed his old designation from his social profile. Also tweeted and wrote that whoever gets the responsibility, cannot be removed from the post of worker.

Seeing the opinion against Sumo, Rajnath went straight to the NDA meeting.
Sushil Modi returned from Delhi only on Saturday. On Sunday, Rajnath Singh was about to hold a meeting on whether or not Sumo will continue as deputy CM in the meeting of BJP’s legislators. In the morning, MLAs kept waiting for Rajnath Singh in the BJP office, but he did not come. It is said that Rajnath thought it was right to go directly to the state guest house and go to the CM’s residence at the NDA meeting instead of going to the BJP meeting, in view of the mobilization against the rashiram against Sushil Modi. Rajnath accompanied Nityanand Rai and Sushil Modi to this meeting.

Sushil Modi’s tweet confirmed
Only one decision of the meeting was made public that Nitish Kumar will be the chief minister. After this, when Nitish Kumar came out to present the claim of forming the government towards Raj Bhavan and Sushil Modi went to the state guest house along with Rajnath Singh, it was said that there is doubt about the post of Sumo. At four o’clock in the evening when Sushil Modi gave a message through social media that he cannot be removed from the post of worker, it was confirmed that the BJP has removed Sumo from his deputy post against Nitish’s choice.


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