The journey from a future writer to a rebel is a scorpion game: Divyendu Sharma (IANS interview) | The journey from a future writer to a rebel is a scorpion game: Divyendu Sharma (IANS interview)

New Delhi, 16 November (IANS). Actor Divyendu Sharma has made a special place in the hearts of the audience with his strong acting in the Mirzapur web series. The biggest specialty of Divyendu, who has a deep sense of acting, is that as soon as he comes in front of the camera, he adapts himself to his character.

Divyendu, popularly known as Munna Bhaiya among fans, is going to be seen in another new web series Scorpion Ka Khel in the coming times. This web series is being released on November 18 on Alt Balaji and G5 Club. Prior to this release, he had a special conversation with IANS in which the young actor talked about some of his upcoming projects including previous and current series.

When asked about his character in the series Scorpion’s Game, Divyendu said, “This is the story of an ordinary boy who has to face some extraordinary events in life, which changes him completely.” Akhil Srivatsava (named after the actor in the series) lives with his father. He gets the news of the death of his babu (Akhil’s father) one day. Akhil realizes that it is not suicide but murder. After this, his campaign to find out the truth of this death begins.

Divyendu continues, living an ordinary life wants to become an all-writer. He is shattered after his father’s painful death. Solving the death knell, his personality changes and gradually a common boy starts on the path to becoming a rebel. The reason is that he hates the system that described his father’s murder as suicide.

When asked about the similarity or dissimilarity between Akhil and Munna (the name of the actor’s character in Mirzapur), the actor points out that there is no similarity as Munna is a rebel and Akhil is forced by conditions. The two are quite different because if Munna thinks with mind, Akhil thinks with heart. Akhil, who aspires to be a writer, is very fond of stories written in books, although he does not know that his life will remain like this.

Divyendu was asked about the reason for Scorpion agreeing to play, he said, “This series is something filmy.” Revenge of father’s death, strong dialogues, an impression of films from the 80s and 90s, the inclusion of memorable songs of that era in the background score, I liked all these things. Apart from this, I loved the concept of always showing the life of a lost writer in books by linking it to book events and that is why I decided to work in the series.

When will Divyendu, who made a special recognition on the basis of his acting in the web space, be seen again on the big screen? On this, he said, one of my films is ready to be the land of my country. It is being talked about when it is released in theaters. This is the story of an engineer living in the city, who reaches a village under certain circumstances. Seeing the farmers there, he thinks of helping them through engineering and this is the beginning of the story.

People are eagerly waiting to see Divyendu as Akhil and this wait is soon to come to an end as the series Scorpions game is set for streaming on Alt Balaji and G5 Club from 18th of this month.



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