Trump gave up, but accused of rigging the election | Trump gave up, but accused of rigging the election

Digital Desk, New York. United States President Donald Trump admitted defeat in the presidential election on Sunday, but also said that the victory of Democrat leader Joe Biden is a hoax. In a tweet, Trump said: He won because the election was rigged. Trump’s results of the November 3 election were broadcast on television channels, based on which Biden was the winner, although the count was still on and no official announcement was made.

On Friday, the media voted Biden 306 of Electoral College and Trumps 232 votes. 270 electoral votes are required to win the election. The announcement of the election results on the media was accepted by many American leaders, including Republicans, and even international leaders, including India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who congratulated Biden and Kamala Harris on the victory.

Speaking on the escalating cases of Kovid-19 on Friday, Biden announced, “I am president-elect.” But despite this, the future of the transfer of power in the US is still uncertain because the Trump administration has so far refused to provide facilities or share information to Biden’s team. Trump has not yet indicated whether he will cooperate in the transfer of power to Biden or withdraw the lawsuits filed across the country.

Thousands of his supporters marched to a rally in Washington on Saturday, he said, Stop the Steel (Stop Stealing). Trump passed that rally but did not stop or interrupt anyone. Later in the evening, anti-Trump protesters clashed with Trump supporters, after which about 20 people were arrested, but there was no widespread violence or looting.

Accusing the rigging of the voting, Trump further said in his tweet, no observer was allowed, the votes were counted by a radical left-wing private company, a company with a bad reputation. In another tweet, Trump said, all the mechanical glitches on Election Night were actually attempts to steal votes. They were very successful, though not caught. Mail-in vote is a joke!

During a briefing at the White House Friday on the progress of his Kovid-19 vaccination program, Trump indicated he had lost the election. Discussing the possibility of lockdown, he said, whatever happens in the future, who knows, which administration will happen, I think time will tell.

Biden team official Jane Saki said on Friday that we do not know where the ongoing work on Kovid-19 has reached. We need information to govern it so that we can prepare ourselves. Legally elected presidents in the US are given official facilities to transfer power. Trump administration officials said they were waiting for the official announcement of the election result.



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