Violence in India, Obama’s book gives a glimpse of conservative thinking about caste | Violence in India, Obama’s book gives a glimpse of the conservative thinking of the West about caste

New York, 16 November (IANS). Former US President Barack Obama, in his new memoir, has brought out the image of India’s violence and racism, which has always been the worst conservative picture for Western countries. Also talked about the mother of European origin Sonia Gandhi who emerges as the most powerful politician and appoints Manmohan Singh as the Prime Minister from a minority section.

He has written in his new memoir A Promised Land, crores of people live in slums in filth all over the country. The Indian industry there enjoys the luxurious lifestyle that the Rajas and Mughals used to enjoy.

He further writes, violence is widespread in both public and private Indian lives.

He has presented this image of India with great condolences to his readers. He has said that he has not seen all this himself, nor has he ever visited India before becoming President, but this country has always had a special place in my imaginations.

Regarding conservative thinking, he wrote, despite its real economic progress, India remains a poor country. Largely divided over religion and caste, tied to corrupt local officials and power brokers and a hypocritical bureaucratic country that was resistant to changes.

He also referred to the hostility between India and Pakistan. Apart from this, modern India is counted as a success story in many cases even after repeated changes in the government, bitter quarrels within political parties, various armed separatist movements and all kinds of corruption scandals. .

According to reports, Obama and his wife have received $ 65 million (more than 4 billion rupees) as advance payment from the publisher for their memoir.

The mention of casteism does not end here, he has also written about Dr. Manmohan Singh. He wrote, More than one political observer believed that the election of Sonia Gandhi was right. An elderly Sikh who had no national political base and was not a threat to his 40-year-old son Rahul.

During this, he referred to the former Prime Minister as a member of the Sikh religious minority community. He was also treated as an honest, intelligent and gracious man, as well as a Sikh with white beard and a turban, who gives Westerners a feeling like a religious person.

Let us tell you that a Promised Land is not over yet, it only covers things till 2011, which is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi is not mentioned in the book.



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