Worrying: The situation in 85 percent of the children’s homes is not investigated every month. Worrying: The situation in 85 percent of the children’s homes is not investigated every month, not enough measures to prevent abuse of children in 2764

Digital Desk, New Delhi. The country’s 2764 childcare institutions do not have adequate measures to protect children from physical and mental abuse, causing children to go through a deep trauma problem. This number is about 40 per cent of the total children’s homes in the country. The social audit report of the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) examined facilities in child homes across the country when the shocking report came out. There has been a lack of facilities like beds, bathrooms, restrooms etc. There are a total of 7163 child homes in the country, of which 6299 homes are managed by NGOs.

According to the Social Audit Report of the NCPCR headed by Priyank Kanungo, according to the JJ Act, 90 percent of the child care homes have a management committee, but every month the child care meetings are held in only 15 percent of the child homes. Huh. The remaining 85 percent of the children living in children’s homes are not reviewed every month. The report showed that 45 percent of the nurseries have doctors available. Children of 23 percent child homes have to eat from outside. Child training is not being done in 30 percent of the children. First aid training is not available at 16 percent child homes.

Not even basic facilities
Surprisingly, 12 per cent of the country’s nurseries do not have bathrooms, while 18 per cent do not have toilets. Even after four years of the implementation of the JJ Act, the percentage of child homes has not yet installed a camera at the entry and exit point of the toilet. 10 percent of the child care homes do not even have basic medical equipment. While it is compulsory to run Child Child Homes. In 14 percent child homes, even the bathroom is not according to the rules. Four percent does not even have clean drinking water. About 15 percent of the children have no beds for children alone.

1504 Lack of toilets in children’s homes
According to the report, 1504 children’s homes lack toilet facilities, while 434 are not taking care of privacy in toilets and bathrooms. An NCPCR official said that the absence of such measures can lead to physical and emotional abuse of children living there.

2039 no registration of children’s homes
According to the report, there are 373 children’s homes where there is a lack of provision, cleanliness, weather and age clothing etc. for a person. At the same time, there is also no separate bed for children in 1069 children’s homes. Apart from this, the report states that 2039 i.e. 28.5 per cent children’s homes are not even registered yet.


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