BJP again raised the case of Augusta, seeking answers from Congress | BJP again raised the case of Augusta, seeking answers from Congress

New Delhi, 17 November (IANS). The BJP on Tuesday attacked the Congress over the new revelations in the alleged AgustaWestland scam case and asked why the names of Congress leaders come up whenever they want, even when it comes to defense deals.

Addressing the media on Tuesday, Union Minister Ravi Shankar said, “What do Congress leaders have to say now, when the names of their leaders are coming up in bribery cases related to defense deals.” Whenever it comes to defense deals, why do we find the names of Congress leaders involved in it.

Prasad quoted Rajiv Saxena’s statement about Kamal Nath’s nephew Ratul Puri saying Saxena was sending me messages on his behalf, ever since he came to Dubai, I was being instructed for this In any case, he should not give any information / document / statement related to his father or uncle.

Prasad said, Saxena said that Gupta and Khatan used to take names to shed light. They often used to name prominent political figures in conversations to establish their influence in the corridors of power. He often mentioned the names of Salman Khurshid and Kamal Chacha. By my estimation he used to refer to Kamal Nath.

Quoting Saxena, Prasad said that AP’s name was also appearing again and again.

He said, BJP demands the Congress party not to remain silent on the issue. The country is aware and listening.

Prasad alleged that whenever someone thinks of kickbacks in the military deal, he thinks only of Congress leaders.

The BJP leader said, from Jeep scam to Bofors, Submarine scam to AgustaWestland helicopter, nothing was done without benefiting Congress leaders.



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