Hate crime is highest in US during decade: FBI | Hate crime is highest in US during decade: FBI

Washington, November 17 (IANS). A new report by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has revealed that hate crimes in the US reached a decade high last year.

The BBC reported that the FBI’s annual Hate Crime Statistics Act (HCSA) report, released on Monday, said that there were 7,314 Hate crimes in 2019, 7,120 a year before that. These figures for 2019 were the highest since 2008’s 7,783 numbers.

According to the report, religion-based hate crimes have increased by about 7 percent, with a 14 percent increase in incidents targeting Jews or Jewish institutions.

It was also found that there was a significant increase in such crimes against the Latino community. This figure increased by 8.7 percent from 485 in 2018 to 527 in 2019, the highest since 2010. It also states that African-American people were targeted more in America than others.

However, the FBI said that the number of hate crimes against African-Americans has fallen from 1,943 to 1,930.

It also said that hate-driven killings also reached a record high in 2019. There were 51 deaths in 2019, more than double the 2018 total.



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