Kamala Harris’s first speech on the American economy | Kamala Harris’s first speech on the American economy

Digital Desk, New York. Kamala Harris, who was elected America’s first Indian and black American vice-president, made her first commentary on Monday afternoon on the US economy affected by coronavirus. Harris gave a speech after meeting with industry leaders. This was Harris’s first speech on the economy after winning the election.

He said, President-elect Biden and I met some business and union leaders in our country. They represent millions of workers across our country and some of America’s leading technology, auto and retail companies. We had an important conversation on the impact of this epidemic on the workers. Especially urgent workers, frontline workers – who served others, putting their own and their family’s health at risk. Many people gave their lives to keep us safe and keep our economy running. Regarding the impact on blacks caused by the epidemic, he said, the epidemic and recession have affected black Americans more. Last month, the unemployment rate for black Americans was almost double that of others.

On the impact on businesses, Harris said, the epidemic has impacted our economy in such a way that it has affected everyone from the Fortune 500 to small businesses, which so many communities rely on. The workers also shared with us the experiences of their struggles. Owners of small businesses that put in full capital to retain their employees and keep their doors open. There were many people who closed their doors in fear that nothing would open again.

He went on to say, we saw and heard many such stories during and after the election campaign. Now me and Biden are fully focused on making our country better for all Americans. As I said on the night of winning the election, the real work has now started. Keeping this virus under control, saving lives, killing this pandemic and opening our economy responsibly and making it better. Harris finally said, the road ahead will not be easy. But we all know that the challenges facing America today are huge and we do not even have a moment to waste.


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