Metro service interrupted in Lucknow due to kite flying | Metro service disrupted in Lucknow due to kite flying

Lucknow, 17 November (IANS). At least 5 times a day, metro train services in Lucknow were interrupted due to kite flying.

Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) said in a statement, kite flying near the Lucknow Metro Corridor is causing damage to the Metro property and disrupting train services. Train services were interrupted several times on Monday but were resumed immediately.

Flying a kite near the metro corridor not only causes problems in train services due to the entanglement of threads with over head electrification (OHE), but can also prove fatal for a kite flier. If there is any metal element in the manjha (thread), it is very dangerous to come in contact with 25,000 volts OHE.

The statement further said that OHE tripping caused metro services to stop and metal threads also got entangled with OHE during the investigation.

A spokesperson of UPMRC said, “This type of incidents are very dangerous near the Operational Metro Corridor because it can cause serious injuries or even death to the kite flyer due to current due to high voltage in the OHE.” .

Kite flying was at its peak on Monday due to the Jamghat festival. According to the central government guidelines, the use of Chinese manjha (thread made using copper wire) was prohibited and banned even after its use. During the lockdown, 2 policemen were seriously injured due to Chinese manjha in Lucknow.

Taking cognizance of the situation, the UPMRC has appealed to the people of Lucknow to take the matter seriously and not fly kites near the Operational Metro Corridor. At the same time, the shopkeepers were also requested to tell the buyers not to fly kites near the metro corridor. Apart from this, UPMRC is also conducting awareness campaign about it.



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