Nations Supporting Terrorists Should Be Held Guilty: PM at BRICS Meet | PM at BRICS Meet: PM Modi said in the BRICS conference- countries that help terror should also be convicted

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit on Monday through video conferencing. During this, PM Modi said that terrorism is the biggest problem facing the world today. Without naming Pakistan, he said that we have to ensure that the countries supporting and supporting the terrorists are also blamed, and this problem is dealt with in an organized manner. PM Modi said that there is a need to reform the United Nations Security Council and organizations like IMF and WTO.

Prime Minister Modi during this time praised Russian President Vladimir Putin but he did not even mention Chinese President Xi Jinping. During PM’s speech, Jinping kept looking at his left side most of the time instead of the camera. The BRICS conference comes at a time when the deadlock persists following a violent clash between its two main member countries, India and China, six months ago at the border in eastern Ladakh. Now both sides are working on a proposal to repel troops from high altitude areas. Recently, Prime Minister Modi and President Xi met face to face through a digital medium during a Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting.

The Prime Minister said, in Indian culture, the whole world is seen as one family. Therefore, it is natural for us to support institutions like the United Nations. India has lost its important jawans in the Peacekeeping campaign, but today the multi-polar system is going through a period of crisis. Expressing happiness over finalizing the BRICS counter-terrorism strategy under the chairmanship of Russia, the Prime Minister said, “This is a significant achievement and India will take this task forward during its presidency.”

PM Modi said that BRICS countries will have an important contribution in the recovery in the global economy after Kovid. He said, “BRICS economies will play an important role in the post-Kovid global recovery. We have more than 42 percent of the world’s population. Our countries are among the main engines of the global economy. There is a lot of scope for increasing mutual trade between BRICS countries. Our mutual institutions and systems such as BRICS Interbank Cooperation Mechanism, New Development Bank, Customs Co-operations can also make our contribution to global recovery effective. ‘

Prime Minister Modi said, ‘Today the multilateral system is going through a crisis. Questions are being raised both on the credibility and effectiveness of global governance institutions. This is because they have not changed appropriately over time. These are still based on the 75-year-old world mentality and reality. India believes that reforms are very mandatory in the UN Security Council. We expect the support of our BRICS partners on this subject.


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