New government and BJP face many challenges in Bihar | New government and BJP face many challenges in Bihar

Patna, 17 November (IANS) In Bihar, the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government has been formed once again, but this time the scene is different. Nitish Kumar is the Chief Minister, but there will be no Sushil Kumar Modi as Deputy Chief Minister.

This time the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), not the Janata Dal (United), has emerged as a big party in the NDA. Apart from this, two small parties are also included in the NDA. In this situation, before taking any major decision for Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, not only will you have to reconcile with all parties but also take all parties into confidence.

It is noteworthy that Nitish Kumar is identified as a big decision-maker in politics, it is believed that it will be a challenge for Nitish to take big decisions independently.

A JDU leader also believes that Sushil Kumar Modi had been formed as Deputy Chief Minister from BJP quota. There was a good understanding between him and Nitish Kumar, which has been considered very important for running the government. Apart from this, BJP used to stand behind any decision of Nitish, but in this government it does not look that easy.

However, BJP sources say that the BJP has removed the big leaders from the cabinet to free them from the overshadows of the new teams, although it is also being said that these big leaders will be given some new responsibility.

Here, there are many challenges for the BJP as a big party in the government. It is being said that the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD), which has emerged as the largest party by campaigning aggressively in the assembly elections, will remain in an aggressive mood, in which the Left parties will also be supported, which will also be a big challenge for the government to deal with.

The BJP has given preference to new faces in place of old faces in the cabinet, indicating that they will now think of watering new plants, but this does not look easy. The experience in the new team will be less, while the aspirations of the people will be larger.

In this election, the BJP has suffered a lot in Bhojpur, Magadh areas, which has increased the BJP’s concern. Here, the implementation of manifestos will also be a big challenge for the BJP.

Senior BJP leader and minister Amarendra Pratap Singh says there are challenges in this government, but the government will move towards making Bihar self-reliant.



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