Trump’s electoral stale embarrassment, death toll may rise: Biden | Trump’s electoral stale embarrassment, death toll may rise: Biden

New York, 17 November (IANS). The deadlock between US President Donald Trump and Joe Biden over the election results continues. The Democrat leader called it an international shame and said the administration’s failure to cooperate with the Transition Team could lead to more deaths due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Targeting Trump’s reluctance to accept defeat, Biden said on Monday that it was more embarrassing for the country than his ability to take administrative responsibility. Significantly, Trump first appeared to accept his defeat but then turned around.

Biden was speaking to reporters in Wilmington, Delaware after meeting business chiefs with elected Vice President Kamala Harris. These heads included Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Gap’s Sonia Singal and the Labor leader of their economic plan.

Appealing to the Republicans, he said, “I will work with you.” I can understand your reluctance to see the way the President works.

Trump had tweeted on Sunday morning that he (Biden) won because the election was rigged.

But just before midnight he tweeted, I won.

Biden said that this shows that there is no change in their appearance.

Mocking Trump’s reaction to the Corona crisis, he said, “The President is still playing golf and doing nothing about it is beyond my comprehension.”

Biden warned that more people could die from the outbreak of the pandemic if Trump did not cooperate with the Transition team on the Kovid-19 strategy and vaccine plans.

Pharmaceutical company Moderna announced on Monday that its vaccine was up to 94.5 percent effective, and Pfizer said last week that its vaccine was more than 90 percent effective.



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