Beautiful fragrance survived narrowly | Beautiful fragrance survived narrowly

Chennai, 18 November (IANS). Actress-turned-politician Khushboo has shared that she had an accident while visiting Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu.

The actress, who recently joined the BJP from the Congress, shared the details of her road accident on Twitter. He said that his car was moving on the right track when a tanker hit his vehicle.

Khushboo has also shared a photo of her crashed car. He wrote, Accident near Melamaruvathur, a tanker hit our car. I am safe with your blessings and God’s grace. Police is investigating the case. Lord Murugan protected us. Today I also saw the effect of my husband’s faith in him.

He further wrote, requesting the press to understand that a container hit my car and we were not on the wrong track. My car was moving in the right lane and this container came from somewhere and hit my car. Police is questioning the driver.

The actress further said, thank you very much for everyone’s well-being and best wishes. I am grateful I am safe and I continue my journey towards Cuddalore. Nothing can stop me before that. Life is a new battle every step. We will win, if you are with me.



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