Chinese Ambassador meets top leadership of Nepal amid political crisis | Chinese Ambassador meets top leadership of Nepal amid political crisis

Kathmandu, 18 November (IANS). At a time when the political crisis within Nepal’s ruling Communist Party has deepened, China’s Ambassador to Nepal Hou Yankee met with Nepal’s top political leadership and pressured Beijing to remain united, conveying the message.

Party President Pushp Kamal Dahal Prachanda on Friday in the meeting of the party secretariat, Prime Minister K.P. Sharma had submitted a 19-page long political report accusing Oli of manipulating the party. Since then, the struggle for power within the ruling party in Nepal has deepened.

Political analysts have repeatedly raised concerns about Chinese mediation in Nepal’s politics.

Prachanda in his political document accused Oli of ignoring the party’s decision. He has alleged that Oli failed to lead the government and the party, promoted nepotism in the government and also promoted corruption.

Prachanda convened a party secretariat meeting on Wednesday to discuss the internal crisis, but Oli refused to attend the meeting, demanding the withdrawal of Prachanda’s political report. The nine-member secretariat is the most powerful body within the ruling party, where Oli is in the minority with the support of four members.

Some leaders fear that the party may split into two factions, with Oli refusing to attend the secretariat meeting. Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Hou met President Vidya Devi Bhandari, Prime Minister Oli and Prachanda among other leaders and advised them to remain united, as Beijing is concerned about the ongoing political instability in Nepal.

Earlier too, Hou had tried to avoid a similar crisis. He met with top leaders of the Nepal Communist Party in July and May and celebrated them with similar concerns.

According to several Nepalese media reports, Hou met Oli at the Prime Minister’s House for an hour and a half on Tuesday evening and Oli then went on to discuss his possible political moves with President Bhandari. President Bhandari was elected on behalf of Oli’s party, which owes his sympathy to Oli.

Sources inside the ruling party told IANS that the Chinese ambassador also met with President Bhandari and inquired as to how tensions within the ruling party could be eradicated, as the Chinese leader in Beijing also came to know about the situation inside Nepal Are equally concerned about.

Hou met with Prachanda after meeting with Oli. The leader of the ruling party said, he made Prachanda aware of similar political message that Beijing wants to see a unified Communist Party and stable government in Nepal.

Political analyst Taranath Dahal believes that the Oli government is unlikely to unite.



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