Evan McGregor struggles to cope with failure as director | Evan McGregor struggles to cope with failure as director

New Delhi, Nov 18 (IANS) Actor Evan McGregor enjoyed the entire experience of being a director, but says he struggled to accept the failure of his effort. McGregor directed the film American Pastoral in 2016.

Asked when he would get behind the camera again, McGregor told IANS, “I’d love to.” I loved it (directing). It was the most beautiful and creative experience. Given my dream of directing it was as much fun as I expected it to be.

He further said, “It was also the most difficult thing to do, because I was not very successful and no one went to see it in the cinema.” It was very difficult for me to do something whole-heartedly for a long time and get such results after working hard.

The actor further said, “I have been involved in a lot of films that have not made any record at the box office as an actor and it doesn’t mean much to me.” But it is very personal, when you make something, when you are directing the film and then there is no success and people do not talk too much about it. It was quite difficult.



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