Government’s agenda for bureaucrats like Gita-Ramayana: Sehgal (interview) | Government’s agenda for bureaucrats like Gita-Ramayana: Sehgal (interview)

Lucknow, 18 November (IANS). Additional Chief Secretary of the Government of Uttar Pradesh, Navneet Sehgal is identified with those officers who bring any department to the headlines with their innovation and vision. On the basis of his work, he has played important responsibility in many previous governments. Currently, he is the Additional Chief Secretary of Khadi and Village Industries, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and Information and Public Relations Department of the Yogi Government. Important department like information has been received recently. He also had this department in the last two governments. Work is their identity. ODOP (One District One Product) and Matikala Board are proof of this.

The Prime Minister himself has praised the way the ODOP scheme has reached the heights. By the way, every government of Sehgal state is also considered to be the troublemaker. During the Corona period, he has created around 30 to 32 lakh jobs through MSMEs.

In a special talk to IANS, Navneet Sehgal said that the agenda of the ruling government is like a Gita for any bureaucrat. When asked about the working style, it says that whatever the department is, I try to do the best I can with full censorship and interest, because my work is my fame.

Apart from this, I am also accountable to the person who has given me the work, because with the work I am also given confidence. My work involves both myself and the person I am working for. In such a situation, something has to be done to prove itself. If I couldn’t do it then there is no point in me being there.

Regarding the politicization of bureaucracy, I do not agree with it. For any bureaucrat, the agenda of the ruling government is like the Gita and the Ramayana. It is the duty of people like us to land that agenda on time with full transparency. This is also the basis of our evaluation. It is the same in Britain. Our Constitution is also largely influenced by Britain.

On how to make everyone satisfied, Sehgal says that my basic mantra is dialogue, I try to make everyone satisfied with that. I listen to everyone, even if they are strangers. If possible, I also try to solve his problem immediately. If the work seems impossible, then let me say clearly. I believe in not seeing. There is no difference between heart and tongue. I believe that if God has made you worthy of helping people, then every needy should help. Someone comes to you with a lot of expectations. He gets a shun only through dialogue. Help is an achievement for him.

Asked how you take your criticism, he said, used to be distracted at first, but not now. I listen I hum If needed, I also improve myself.

In response to the next question, Sehgal said that in the current financial year, more than 10 crore loans have been provided to about 6 lakh thirty thousand units. Many units that started without funding from the bank are registered in the Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM). In the figure we have, about eight lakh units have been registered in UP. These new units provide employment to about 30 to 32 lakh people. Even if we consider an average of four jobs in small units, this number reaches 32 lakhs.

Sehgal said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath kept reviewing continuously during the time of Korana crisis. In addition, we have co-operated the Saathi app by coordinating with banks. The striking units had all kinds of problems, which were overcome. This brought confidence in MSMEs. The required units were not allowed to be shut down at the time of lockdown. Medicines and export companies were continuously operated.

He said that no PPE kit was made in UP during the Corona crisis. But, today, around 50 thousand PPE kits are being made in our state everyday. Due to the Chief Minister’s review, monitoring of departments, the Invest Mitra Portal for Ease of Doing Business, there has been a lot of convenience in setting up industrial units in the state. Apart from this, new MSMEs have gained momentum due to hand holding. There are 90 lakh units in the entire state. About eight lakhs are registered among them.

Sehgal said that an MoU has been signed with CAI, FICCI, Small Industries Bharti, CREDICO for employment of migrant workers. These have created around 2.5 million new employment opportunities, mostly migrant people. This process is continuing. 40 to 45 lakh people who came back have stayed, they have got employment.

When asked that questions arise about the image of the government, people say that officers do not work on the ground. In response, Sehgal said that the government has done many good works in the last three and a half years. Has set an example in many works. Independent institutions of the country have given good rank. In many programs, UP has been at number one. There is a need for his publicity, which is being tried.

In response to another question, Navneet Sehgal said that the public should know about the good works of the government which are connected with the public. Work is being done on this action plan. It is the aim of the government to saturate every character from any scheme.



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