Ladakh: Army will challenge China even in minus 40 degrees | Ladakh: Army will challenge China even in -40 degree, new housing facility given to soldiers deployed on the border

Digital Desk, New Delhi. Amid the ongoing border dispute with China, the Indian Army has prepared modern houses for the troops stationed in Ladakh. Their formation will increase the operational efficiency of the Indian Army in winter. Let us know that the temperature in Ladakh goes up to minus 40 degrees in winter. In such a situation, such tents have been arranged for the soldiers posted at the forward post, which can provide protection to the soldiers even in the temperature of -50 degrees.

The army said that the new houses are equipped with better facilities. They have been made with completely new technology. In these, electricity, water, heating facilities along with health and cleanliness have also been taken care of. The army had smart camps available for deployment in the winter till now. New housing will also fill their shortage. The army said that troops stationed on the frontline are kept in heated tents. They are deployed at different locations according to the strategy. Therefore, the civil infrastructure needed to help them in emergency has also been identified.

Temperature in winter remains minus 40 degrees
Ladakh temperature falls from 30 to 40 degrees in winter. After November, snow falls up to 40 feet here. During this time the road connectivity of the entire area is also cut. In such a situation, it is necessary to maintain the operational efficiency of the troops stationed at the border in winter. All the soldiers deployed in this sector will be kept in new houses.

There has been tension between India and China for 7 months.
Tensions have been brewing between India and China in eastern Ladakh since the month of May. Now Indian and Chinese military will participate in joint mechanisms to verify disengagement process, for which unmanned airliners will be used, along with a meeting of delegates. However, given past experiences, India does not want to blindly trust China this time.

Army has collected essential items for winter
There are many areas in Ladakh which are cut off by road during the cold season, it is difficult to supply here, cold life in these places is not only challenging but also like facing death from moment to moment. The Indian Army has arranged adequate rations, clothes, tents, fuel for the winter two months in advance. According to sources, the army has so much stock here that it can meet the requirement of one year.


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