Miriam Nawaz lashed out at Imran Khan at the Mansehra rally | Mariam Nawaz lashes out at Imran Khan at the Mansehra rally

Mansehra (Pakistan), 18 November (IANS). Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) vice-president Maryam Nawaz on Wednesday launched a scathing attack on Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, saying that the work of a large country with a population of 22 crore has been left in the hands of a person who A union is also unable to run the council.

According to a report by Jio TV, Maryam said this while addressing a huge rally in Mansehra district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Maryam begins her address by stating that wherever she goes to rally, she sees a crowd of youth present to support PML-N. He said, even the ardent elders are not far behind.

Mariam said, Nawaz Sharif has deep ties with Hazara and Mansehra. You will not be able to deny that Nawaz Sharif fulfilled his promise to you.

Maryam said, he is paying the price for all the love he has shown you. So are you witness to the promises that they have fulfilled?

The PMN-L leader asked, referring to the Hazara motorway, that he promised a motorway. Have they not made it?

He said, those who did not even put a brick, have cleverly put their names on the projects.

He took a dig at Prime Minister Imran Khan’s promise to provide affordable housing to the poor. Maryam asked the people, has anyone got even a room out of the promised 5 million houses?

Maryam asked the participants of the rally to answer honestly whether the new Pakistan is better than the old Pakistan.

Maryam emphasized that as long as the Imran-led government remains in power, the poor cannot run home and will not be able to get cheap medicines. He said, please keep this in mind and don’t forget it.

He said that as long as the fake government is in power, the prices of wheat and sugar will remain on the sky.



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