Over time, I have become more forgiving: Hrithik Roshan | Over time, I have become more forgiving: Hrithik Roshan

New Delhi, 18 November (IANS). Hrithik Roshan’s two-decade journey in Bollywood has helped him grow more as an actor and a human being.

He told IANS, earlier I used to have a toolbox approach, but with Kaabil and after Kaabil, my process has evolved as an actor. I feel that I have become more forgiving as well as I feel that I now trust myself. It helps me explore better, without fear of being mistaken.

Hrithik, who made his debut as a hero from the hit film Kaho Naa .. Pyaar Hai, completed 20 years in the industry in January this year.

He shared, My journey as an actor has been a joy in the last 20 years. Filled with learning and diverse experiences. It is rich. I think I work, because a work environment helps to highlight virtues. And virtue is the same quality that helps one to be the best version of oneself. This is my only mission of life. Our industry is at a point where audiences, story and technology are constantly evolving, there is a lot to explore, to illustrate. It is an exciting place as an artist. I am excited for the next phase of my career.

He further added, as an artist I have always completed my work. I would not say that there has been any change in my productivity (during lockdown). I miss the movement of my film sets, each stage of production. But I am glad that we evolved to work remotely as an industry. I have been working on several projects during the pandemic, with Unlock developing into them.



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