Sindh High Court decree: Give Bilawal Bhutto foolproof protection | Sindh High Court decree: Give Bilawal Bhutto foolproof protection

Karachi, 18 November (IANS) Pakistan’s Sindh High Court on Wednesday directed the provincial government to increase the security of PPP chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.

According to a Jio TV report, a two-member bench of Justice Karim Khan Agha and Justice Amjad Ali Sahityo issued the directive while hearing a petition filed by PPP in 2016. In this petition, the party has demanded better security.

The petition has cited arguments from security agencies that Bilawal’s life is in danger. The party has sought permission for Bilawal to travel in bulletproof vehicles with tinted windows along with personal security guards. The petition quoted Bilawal as saying, “My mother has also lost her life in the attack of terrorists.”

During the hearing, the Assistant Attorney General informed the bench that there was no policy outlining the safety of politicians.

While disposing of the petition, the court allowed tinted vehicles and personal protection as well as directed the Sindh government to give the PPP chairman full protection if he visits public places.



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