Akhilesh is busy in bringing the family back to the original vote bank | Akhilesh is busy in bringing the family back to the original vote bank

Lucknow, 19 November (IANS). After the defeat of the Samajwadi Party in the by-election, the party’s chief Akhilesh Yadav is now trying to bring back his original vote bank. For this reason, there has been talk of making Chacha Shivpal Yadav a cabinet minister on his behalf. Akhilesh is hinting at bringing the family back to its original votebank by uniting the initiative.

Because after the split in the Yadav family, the Samajwadi Party has sustained losses. Perhaps by saying the same thing, he should save his traditional vote. Because to stop the BJP’s victory chariot, Akhilesh needs to bring Shivpal in his court. There may be youngsters in his party, but the lack of experienced leaders like Shivpal is evident now. The by-election results have also worried the opposition parties about their future. This is the reason that Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has replaced the state president by replacing the backward. She will follow this strategy. Akhilesh is also betting on saving his traditional votes.

According to political pundits, he suffered a lot due to the split of the Yadav family in the 2017 assembly elections. The SP had to settle for just 50 seats. Since then, the party had realized that this split is becoming a threat to their political existence.

To make up for the loss, Akhilesh tried to fill the losses suffered by Shivpal in the Lok Sabha elections by aligning with his arch rival BSP, but he did not succeed. That is why Akhilesh is wishing that whatever is done to him is not a loss. Now he is trying to unite the family. Which can prevent the sharing of votes.

Senior political analyst Rajiv Srivastava says that SP chief Akhilesh Yadav has seen an alliance with Congress and BSP. They have no choice left now. For this reason, he wants to bring uncle in his court. The Chuvas may have energy with Akhilesh, but do not have the same experience as Shivpal, who keeps in the cadres. Shivpal has a lot of ground experience. If there is unity in the family, the party will be in the interest. A falling graph will also be fine. There is one year left in the election. In such a situation, Akhilesh has the only option.

He said that Shivpal Yadav has a hold among the workers after Mulayam. The way the Ashwamedh horse of the BJP is continuously growing, SP will have to exert full force to stop it. For this, the clan of the Yadav family will have to be one. This was his identity. This is fine for a positive stance among activists and leaders. Mulayam Singh Yadav used to walk with everyone. Akhilesh has vision and energy. Big leaders are lacking in the party. Azam Khan is fighting his battle. Ram Gopal Yadav never lived in the internal politics of the party. Therefore, Shivpal is both necessary and helpless for Akhilesh.



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