Bhumi Pednekar spoke on his process of election of films | Bhumi Pednekar spoke on his process of election of films

Mumbai, 19 November (IANS) Actress Bhumi Pednekar prefers to be involved in projects that give some message to the audience and society.

Bhoomi says, I like to give preference to such films which are entertaining, but at the same time, seeing which the audience gets some messages, which creates some thinking for the better. Most of my films are equipped with social messages; If you talk about a film like husband wife and that, besides being an entertaining and spice film, you know that it clearly gives you the message that you do not have to come under the pressure of society about marriage and any marriage A woman’s decision to retain can also be made.

She goes on to say, every film has its own specified audience and for me it is very important for the film to be entertaining to the audience and if it fails to do so, it means the film has failed to achieve its goal . All my films have reached its own definite audience, who have appreciated what we wanted to say about life, society and women’s empowerment. There is no such formula that we can say whether this film will run or it will not. It is a gamble, but yes, your intention to make it must be right that it will reach people and entertain them. Thankfully my films have worked in this matter. These have given me recognition and given me more challenging and creatively satisfying roles.

Bhoomi will be seen in the film Durgavati in due course.



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