Biden gets emotional in front of town hall with frontline workers | Biden gets emotional at Town Hall with frontline workers

New York, 19 November (IANS). US President-elect Joe Biden became emotional during a virtual town hall on Wednesday when health workers told him many emotional stories.

Mary Turner, a nurse from Minnesota, told Biden how she held hands with the dying patients who were waiting for their families and loved ones and now their lives on the ventilator were dwindling.

Apart from this, the lack of PPE kits was also an important issue among frontline workers. Turner said, many times masks fall off our face because we keep using the N-95 until they fall apart or remain fit to apply.

Turner surprised Biden by saying that he had not yet tested the Kovid-19. After this, Biden said, you are not joking.

Let us know that America, the world’s wealthiest country is facing the worst outbreak of epidemic and its frontline workers are wearing garbage bags to protect themselves. After the election, the situation has become worse. During the election, doctors in the swing states were given large boxes filled with N-95 masks.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that America is the king of ventilators and called members of his own task force stupid, mocking the rule that mandated the wearing of masks.



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