Jane Seymour is sad for not playing young character | Jane Seymour is sad for not playing young character

Los Angeles, 19 November (IANS). Actress Jane Seymour has recently been disappointed by her younger version played by someone else.

Another actress played the younger version of Seymour in the series Glow and Darkness, and Seymour is upset with this.

“I was told that I would play the role of my 25-year-old youth version, but I would one day do it,” 69-year-old Seymour said in an interview to The Times Newspaper. He already found another actress for this role without first telling me.

Seymour further said, this is something that is completely beyond my understanding because believe it or not, but on Instagram you can see that they did not even need to do facial workmanship on me. All things were fine. Joan Collins is 87 years old and will play the role of a woman who died at the age of 40.



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