Jason Momoa finds yoga the hardest thing ever | Jason Momoa finds yoga the hardest thing ever

Los Angeles, 19 November (IANS). Hollywood star Jason Momoa is known for his fitness, but he says that yoga is one of the hardest things he has ever done.

According to’s report, the actor talked about how he kept himself fit during the epidemic and also revealed how to do yoga with his wife Lisa Bonet.

Giving an interview to a magazine, Momoa said, “I tried yoga and I found it most difficult in my life so far.”

He said jokingly, “Better than doing two hours of yoga, I can bounce a car better in the air, climb Kapitan mountain, but can not lean more.” My leg muscles are very tight. It is very painful.

Momoa first tried her hand at yoga in 2011, after grooming herself as the powerful Cameroon warrior in Cannon the Barbarian.



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