Mauranipur became the first tehsil of Bundelkhand after getting ISO certificate. Mauranipur became the first tehsil of Bundelkhand after receiving ISO certificate

Jhansi (UP), 19 November (IANS). Mauranipur Tehsil of Bundelkhand in Uttar Pradesh has set a unique example for other tehsils of the state. For this, the Tehsil Administration started work as a mission to resolve public problems and change the environment of Tehsil and this Tehsil of Najitatan, Jhansi district got ISO certificate for better functioning at various points.

Work was started in Maurani Tehsil of Jhansi district to maintain the development towards clean and efficient tehsil by providing better environment, providing better service to the public. In order to provide maximum benefits to the people, revenue judicial functions, land management, grievance redressal, e-district, election management and various schemes to the public and the revenue collection at a higher level in the tehsil were started as a mission. Work was carried out in the Tehsil campus by cleaning, infrastructure and layout, quality management, file and documentation system, object management and other things. The shortcomings were then overcome with infrastructure development and technological advancement along with training the employees. They were also motivated for the selection of resources, tahsil employees to explain and quality control work to perform these tasks.

Jhansi DM Andre Vamsi said that people’s problems are being resolved on priority basis. Simultaneously, efforts are being made to provide maximum facilities to the people on time.

The new facilities include new filing system, security card for all Tehsil personnel, dress code for Tehsil personnel, new additional toilets, color lacquer of Tehsil, land construction of Tehsil, names and mobile numbers of all persons displayed, fire extinguishers. Includes equipment, infrastructure improvements, furniture up gradation.



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