We are on the same ship | We are on the same ship

Beijing, 19 November (IANS). We are on the same ship. In a heavy storm, we should decide the direction and cooperate and cooperate, so that this ship can move towards a stable and beautiful future. On the night of 17 November, Chinese President Xi Chinfing presented five calls at the 12th Virtual Summit of BRICS and announced several steps.

The BRICS countries that lead developing countries are an indispensable force of world development. Recently the world is facing many challenges due to the spread of Kovid-19. BRICS countries are also struggling with them. Some Western media organizations once again argued the use of the so-called BRICS cooperation mechanism and tried to undermine the trust of BRICS cooperation. In view of this, Chinese President Xi Jinping took a strong resolution that the theme of the era of peace and development has not changed, as well as the trend of multi-polarization and economic globalization has not changed.

So how can BRICS cooperation be strengthened in the new situation? Xi offered five calls. That is, world peace and stability should be protected by maintaining multilateralism. Face the challenge of pandemic together by maintaining unity and cooperation. Pursue world economic revival by maintaining on openness and innovation. Make the world sustainable development further by giving priority to public life. Promote the harmonious coexistence of mankind and nature by maintaining green low carbon.

In his statement, Xi Chinfing openly appealed to strengthen scientific and technological innovation cooperation by creating a world economy. At the same time, he announced the establishment of the invention base of BRICS new industrial revolution partnership relations in Shyaman, China. This will help in further high-quality development of BRICS countries and will also add new energy to the world economic revival.

The epidemic has shown weakness in the world, but at the same time various countries have understood that mankind is a community of shared destiny. Development is the key to solving all questions.

China, which is entering a new development phase, will show the direction of cooperation of BRICS countries with genuine actions and will help in moving towards a more beautiful future of this big ship of mankind.

(Sincerely – China Media Group, Beijing)



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