Women bikers will promote the saga of Madhya Pradesh tourism | Women bikers will promote the saga of Madhya Pradesh tourism

Bhopal, 19 November (IANS). The Tigers of the Trail of women bikers started on Friday with the aim of spreading the saga of Madhya Pradesh’s tourist destinations to the people. These bikers will go to many tourist places of the state and promote them. The bikers were flagged off by Tourism Minister Usha Thakur.

Initiating this innovation adopted to promote tourism in the state, Tourism Minister Usha said, “If fearless, fearless and safe tourism is there, then the heartland of the country is in Madhya Pradesh.” Special promotion of tourism is being done by the Department of Tourism to promote tourism in the state. The Tigress of the Trail is a unique innovation in which our biker sisters will enjoy all the national parks. On the other hand, they will also promote tourism sites.

Minister Thakur said that think about the innovations in the field of tourism, a unique message should be taken not only in the state but also in the entire nation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan are committed to daughters, the other dimensions created in Madhya Pradesh, perhaps other provinces may not even consider the same dimensions for their protection.

The minister further said that mother power is the base power of the nation, it is the building power of the world. She gets committed and turns the challenges into opportunities. Daughters are the pride of the nation, only cultured and empowered daughters form the strong foundation of the nation.

Shivshekhar Shukla, Principal Secretary, Tourism Department, said that in the gloomy atmosphere of Corona, the Tourism Department has decided to organize such an event and find a new way in the challenges. There are immense possibilities of tourism in the state. The first female biking Tigress of the Trail is an innovation that will further enhance the reputation of the state’s tourist destinations. Women bikers will enjoy tourism and will inspire women to come forward wherever they go.

The Principal Secretary said that this is the first ride of women bikers in Madhya Pradesh, which will promote and promote the tourism of the state by visiting the tourist areas of the state from November 19 to 25. These bikers will travel the 150-kilometer route.

Women biker Meenakshi said, the first such ride on women is being done in Madhya Pradesh. Girls rider of All India including Madhya Pradesh are present in the group. Together so many tourist places will get a lot of adventure in one ride. Italian bikers Silvana said about the visit that there is an atmosphere of freedom and security for women in Madhya Pradesh. I feel proud to be a part of this program.



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