Xi Jinping’s speech at APEC Business CEO Summit | Xi Jinping’s speech at APEC Business CEO Summit

Beijing, 19 November (IANS). On 19 November, Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech in Beijing by attending the Apec Business CEO Summit via video conferencing. He emphasized that the world is an undivided shared community of destiny, we must strengthen anti-pandemic international cooperation, pursue global economic revival. China will actively establish new development structures, stand on openness, achieve mutual benefits and amicable victories with various countries to co-create the Asia-Pacific and the world’s golden future.

Establishment of new development framework, mutual benefit, achievement of victory , The world is a community of undivided destiny.

He said that China has entered a new phase of development, due to which a new mission of reform has emerged. We will take more steps with more courage and remove systemic hurdles and advance the modernization of national governance and governance capacity.

Xi Chinfing also said that openness is a precondition for the country’s progress. No further passage can be made by closing the gate. China has become deeply entangled with the world economy and the international system. Now China will not look back. China will not be isolated from the world and will not form a small boycott or boycott group.

In his speech, Xi Chinfing said that China is creating a new development framework, which is a dual cycle of open, mutual promotion, domestic and foreign. Under the new development framework, Chinese market potential will be fully stimulated, which will provide more demand for different countries of the world.

He said that this year unilateralism and protectionism were expanding, but there was no hindrance in China’s openness, on the contrary, China took a series of policies and steps to expand openness. These include widespread implementation of foreign trade investment law and related regulations, further reducing the negative list of foreign investment penetration, steadily advancing the entry into the finance market, etc.

Xi Chinfing said that China would participate more actively in the international division of labor, participate more effectively in the global industrial chain, supply chain and value chain, and would more actively expand foreign exchanges and cooperation. We will actively cooperate with the countries, regions, industries that want to cooperate with China.

Xi Chinfing further said that there is also the geographical advantage of facilitating the movement between different countries of Asia and the Pacific and the ocean crossing. The development of Asia and the Pacific and regional economic cooperation will certainly remain a strong vibrant force. We must strengthen the consciousness of the common community to continuously enhance regional economic integration, accelerate the development of innovation, increase regional interaction, complete inclusive and sustained development and transform the approach step by step into reality, so that the people of the region To get more benefits.

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