Bihar becomes sixth, people immersed in devotion to Bhaskar | Bihar becomes sixth, people immersed in devotion to Bhaskar

Patna, 20 November (IANS) With respect to Chhath, the festival of folk faith, the whole of Bihar including Patna has become devotional. On the second day of this four-day ritual, on Thursday evening, the Vratis performed Kharna, while on Friday evening, the Vratis would reach the banks of the Ganges and various reservoirs and offer prayers to the Asthachalagami Sun.

The whole of Bihar has become devotional with respect to Chhath festival. Traditional songs of Chhath Puja are echoing throughout the region, from the mohallas to the banks of the Ganges. All the roads in the capital Patna have been decorated like a bride, while the Ganga Ghats have a strong security system.

Cleanliness has been done from the main roads of the capital to the streets. People from mango to khas are busy cleaning the streets. Everyone wants to share their hands in Chhath festival.

The idol of Lord Bhaskar has been installed by several worship committees in Patna. Toran gates have been installed at many places and lighting has been arranged by many worship committees.

In Patna, the control room has been set up by the district administration in view of Chhath festival. 23 ghats along the Ganga coast of Patna have been declared unsafe while temporary ponds have been built at several places to provide prayers to Lord Bhaskar.

Voters are being warned not to go to the ghats declared unsafe by the administration. The Ganga Ghat is expected to be less crowded this year due to the Corona period.

Patna’s Divisional Commissioner Sanjay Kumar Aggarwal has directed to ban the operation of private boat in the river Ganges with regard to Chhath festival. The commissioner has also instructed to follow the Kovid-19 protocol. He said that medical personnel, sailors and divers have been deployed in the control rooms built on the ghats. Barricading of dangerous ghats has been done.

He informed that teams of NDRF and SDRF have also been deployed.

Here, people are immersed in the devotion of Chhath festival from village to city in all the districts of the state including Muzaffarpur, Sasaram, Munger, Aurangabad, Khagaria, Bhagalpur. Chhath Mela has been banned due to Corona in the famous Sun Temple complex located in Dev, Aurangabad. Although many devotees have arrived.

On Thursday evening, the devotees worshiped Lord Bhaskar and wept. With Kharna, fasting of 36 hours of fasting started. Famous offerings of Kharna, people used to reach the house of Vrati till late night to get kheer and ghee bread made of jaggery.

On Friday evening, Chhathvarthi will reach the various reservoirs including rivers and ponds, and offer prayers to the unshakable sun. On the fourth day of the festival i.e. Saturday morning, the fast of devotees will end only after the rising sun. After this, the Vrati will end the fast by taking food and water again.



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