Faith behind bars in Bihar heavy, songs of Chhath Maiya echoing in jails | Faith behind bars in Bihar heavy, songs of Chhath Maiya echoing in jails

Patna, 20 November (IANS) The whole of Bihar has become devotional with respect to Chhath Mahaparva of public faith. From the footpaths of the villages to the streets of the city, the traditional Karnapriya songs of Chhath are echoing. In the meantime, faith inside the prison bars of the state is also heavy. Prisoners are also performing Chhath festival in jails, due to which the atmosphere inside the jails has become devotional.

Muslim prisoners are also not only taking part in this festival in jail but Muslim prisoners are also doing Chhath festival in many places.

The traditional songs of Chhath are echoing these days in Patna’s Beur Jail. This year, 39 prisoners are performing Chhath Vrat with rules, devotion and tradition, which includes 18 male and 21 female prisoners.

Beur’s Assistant Jail Superintendent Sanjay Kumar said that water reservoirs have been erected in the jail premises for the Chhathvratis, where fasts will be given to Asthachalagami Surya on Friday. He informed that the arrangement of Prasad with worship material has been made available by the jail administration.

Here, songs of Chhath are also being sung in Motihari Jail. The 69 detainees jailed inside the jail methodically during the Chhath festival on Thursday. This includes 37 women and 32 male prisoners. A temporary pond has been constructed inside the jail. Hindu and Muslim people have built the pond together, which is also decorated. Many Muslim prisoners are also performing Chhath festival here.

The prison administration has also given new clothes to the female and male vratadharis. Motihari Jail Superintendent Vidu Kumar said that apart from fruits, worship material and clothes have been arranged by the jail administration for women and men prisoners. He told that other prisoners are engaged in helping these fasting people.

Munger also has an atmosphere of devotion. Here six prisoners are doing Chhath Vrat, who will offer a fast to the setting sun on Friday evening. The jail administration has provided all the facilities including worship materials to Chhath Vratis. On Thursday, all these prisoners kept the fast of Kharna. The Vrati prisoners distributed Nahai Khay and Kharna Ka Prasad among the other inmates of the jail and the police personnel of Mandal Kara.

Jail Superintendent Jalaj Kumar said, “Prisoners of the women’s ward of Mandal Kara are Neelam Devi, Geeta Devi, Shanti Devi and Rukmani Devi and the prisoners in the men’s ward named Ajit Chaudhary and Vicky Jaiswal are doing Chhath festival.

Here, 20 women and 5 male prisoners are also performing Chhath Puja in Gopalganj Jail. The jail administration has also given saris, dhoti, ganji to Chhath Vrati women and men inmates along with fruits and worship material for soup and dala.

Cleanliness was carried out in the pond located in the jail premises, where arrangements have been made to grant the Bhagadars the title of Lord Bhaskar.

This four-day festival was duly started on Wednesday with Nahay-Khay. On Thursday, they offered Kheer-Roti fast and ate it. Mahaparva Chhath festival will be concluded with Paran after offering Astharagami Sun on Friday and the rising Lord Bhaskar on Saturday.



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