Rs 2,220 crore loss to Railways due to farmers’ agitation in Punjab | Rs 2,220 crore loss to Railways due to farmers’ agitation in Punjab

New Delhi, 20 November (IANS). The peasant movement started in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan against controversial agricultural bills and is still largely active in Punjab. Due to this movement, till November 19, Northern Railway has lost revenue of 891 crores. Due to this, Indian Railways has incurred a loss of Rs 2220 crore in terms of earnings.

According to information received by IANS, the revenue loss has actually reached Rs 825 crore in 55 days, with effect from September 24, which has increased even more due to cancellation of passenger trains. The railways have suffered a total loss of Rs 2,220 crore, including Rs 67 crore in passenger revenue, due to ongoing protests by farmers against the Centre’s agrarian reform laws.

The farmers sat on the railway tracks protesting against the new agricultural laws.

Northern Railways has suffered a loss of Rs 14.85 crore per day due to non-loading of goods trains.

Freight has been widely affected due to the movement. About 30 racks of goods arrive daily in Punjab and about 40 racks of goods go out. Transport was affected due to the movement and the Railways suffered.

Due to the movement 3850 racks of goods trains could not be loaded.

230 racks were stuck outside Punjab due to the agitation. Of these 78 racks are of coal, 34 racks of manure, eight racks of cement, eight racks of petroleum products and 102 racks of containers, steel and other materials.

Also, in the wake of the movement, 2352 passenger trains had to be canceled or diverted.



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