Tropical storm Ayota havoc in Honduras, 14 dead | Tropical storm Ayota havoc in Honduras, 14 dead

Tegucigalpa, 20 November (IANS). Tropical Storm Ayota has wreaked havoc in Honduras with heavy rains. Due to this at least 14 people died and one person is reported missing. Officials gave this information.

According to the news agency Xinhua, the Permanent Continuation Commission said Thursday that about 96,684 people have been evacuated and 7,322 people have been lodged in 822 shelters.

Ayota left Honduras on Wednesday morning as a tropical storm and headed towards El Salvador where it weakened.

In terms of property damage, six bridges were damaged and three were destroyed, while 8,111 houses were affected, 153 damaged and 27 destroyed.

The North Sula Valley of the country has been the most affected, along with Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport in San Predo Sula.

Civil aviation officials said it may take up to 15 December to reopen the airport.

President Juan Orlando Hernandez has appealed to the international community and lending organizations to cooperate in the reconstruction efforts.



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