14-day lockdown imposed in Iran due to rising cases of covid 19 | Corona virus case increases again in Iran, government imposes 14-day lockdown

Digital Desk, Tehran, 21 November (IANS). Due to a record increase in the number of fresh coronovirus cases and deaths in Iran, the country has been under lockdown for two weeks from Saturday. According to Press TV, under the new lockdown, traveling from 150 red-alert cities including the capital Tehran will be banned for two weeks and there will be a curfew everyday from 9 am to 4 am.

The initiative also requires the presence of one-third of government employees in Red Jones. Non-essential travel to high-risk cities is banned. The Health Ministry said the new rules would be strictly enforced and the violators would be fined. The ministry said that the number of fresh cases and deaths has increased fourfold in less than two months, due to which the lockdown has to be imposed.

Last week, the number of daily infections crossed the 13,000 mark and hovering around that figure while the death toll is also approaching the 500 mark. Health officials have said that the next two weeks are crucial during the country’s fight against the epidemic. A total of 828,377 cases of corona have been reported in Iran till Saturday, while 43,896 people have died.


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