6 killed, more than 25 injured (lead-2) in rocket attacks in Kabul | 6 killed, more than 25 injured (lead-2) in rocket attacks in Kabul

Kabul, 21 November (IANS). At least 6 people have been killed and over 25 injured in 14 rocket attacks in different parts of Kabul after 2 IED blasts in Afghanistan.

“5 people died in rocket attacks and one died in an IED explosion,” Xinhua quoted the Public Health Ministry as saying.

Tariq Arian, a spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs, told Xinhua, 14 rockets were released from 2 small trucks. Their locations were different.

He said that the Kabul Police and Intelligence Agency had detected the location of the trucks and defused the remaining rocket.

According to the report of Tolo News, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has said that the rockets fell in Wazir Akbar Khan and Shah-e-Nawah areas of Kabul. Earlier there were 2 explosions in Chehel Sutun and Arjan Price areas of the city.

According to the ministry, one of the 5 dead was a member of the security force. Most of those injured in the rocket attacks were taken to the Emergency Hospital in Kabul’s Shahar-e-Nawa area.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack so far. At the same time, the Taliban has denied having their hands.

Explain that in the last months, Taliban rebels and Islamic State have carried out several terrorist attacks in major Afghan cities including Kabul.

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