Bihar: Maharava Chhath awaited with arghya on rising sun | Bihar: Maharava Chhath concluded with arghya on rising sun

Patna, 21 November (IANS). The festival of folk faith concluded on the morning of Chhath Saturday with the offering of Arghya to the rising sun. On the fourth day of this four-day ritual, after the Arghya, the Vratis took food and passed water. On this occasion, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar also offered obeisance to the rising sun in the Chief Minister’s house and worshiped Lord Bhaskar.

The entire Bihar remained devotional for four days with respect to Chhath festival. Traditional songs of Chhath Puja continued to resonate throughout the region, from the mohallas to the banks of the Ganges. All the streets of the capital Patna were decorated like a bride. Cleanliness was done from the main roads of the capital to the streets. People from mango to special category were busy cleaning the roads.

However, due to Corona, the number of fasts in Ganga Chhat Ghats was less. Many ponds were made inedible by the administration. A large number of devotees gathered there.

The idol of Lord Bhaskar was installed by several worship committees in Patna. The entire atmosphere was sixth. In many places lighting was arranged by torana, then lighting was arranged by many worship committees.

The Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s family also observed Chhath Vrat at the Chief Minister’s residence.

Here, people were immersed in the devotion of Chhath festival from village to city in all the districts including Muzaffarpur, Sasaram, Munger, Khagaria, Bhagalpur, Aurangabad, Bettiah, Motihari.

It is worth mentioning that on Wednesday, this mahaparva of folk faith started with Nahay-Khay.



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