Georgia confirms election results, officially tells Biden the winner | Georgia confirms election results, officially tells Biden the winner

Washington, November 21 (IANS). Georgia has officially confirmed the victory of Joe Biden after the results of the US Presidential 2020 election. Biden has won 16 electoral votes in this state.

State Secretary Brad Raffensparger said in a press conference on Friday, “As State Secretary, I believe the numbers we have presented today are correct.” Close elections lead to mistrust, with people feeling betrayed on their side. In 2018 we saw this with Democrats and today with Republicans.

In this traditional Republican stronghold, the former vice-president received 12,284 more votes than President Donald Trump, reports Xinhua. In most counties, both saw slight changes in the vote received.

However, Trump campaign’s senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis said late Thursday that the campaign would continue to demand that Georgia honestly count again, including matching signatures.

Let us tell you that Biden had announced to win the US presidential election on November 7, but Trump has not yet accepted defeat. He has filed suit in court alleging fraud.

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