India said, will take all possible action against Pakistan’s terrorism | India said, will take all possible action against Pakistan’s terrorism

New Delhi, November 21 (IANS): India on Saturday lashed out at Pakistan for cross-border terrorism, warning that it would do everything possible to secure its national security.

In response to the terrorist attack on 19 November by the globally banned Pakistani terrorist organization Jaish-e-Mohammed, the government summoned the Pakistan High Commissioner and delivered its message in New Delhi.

Expressing strong opposition to the terror attack, which was promptly thwarted by the Indian security forces, the Foreign Ministry demanded that Pakistan should abstain from its policy of supporting terrorists and terrorist groups operating from its territory and that terrorism operated by terrorists K infrastructure should be scrapped.

The ministry reiterated India’s long-standing demand that Pakistan should fulfill its international obligations and bilateral commitments and that no territory should be used in any way for terrorism against India.

In an official statement issued by the Ministry of External Affairs, the government said, “We are determined to take all necessary measures for our national security in the fight against terrorism.”

On 19 November, a major terrorist attack was thwarted by Indian security forces in Nagrota, Jammu and Kashmir. Early reports indicate the attackers to be members of Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed (JEM). It is a declared terrorist organization by the United Nations and several countries.

Pakistan is planning a major offensive to destabilize peace and security in Jammu and Kashmir through terrorists with arms, ammunition and explosives. It is specifically trying to derail the democratic system running for the local District Development Council elections.

The government has expressed its grave concern over the continued terrorist attacks on behalf of JEM against India.

JEM has been involved in several attacks in India before, including the Pulwama attack in February 2019.



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