President of Portugal announced renewal in emergency | President of Portugal announces renewal in emergency

Lisbon, 21 November (IANS). Portugal’s President Marcello Rebelo de Sousa has announced a renewal of the state of emergency in the wake of the Corona epidemic. The emergency will remain till 8 December.

In a televised address on Friday, the president said, “I have issued a decree to renew the emergency,” Xinhua reported.

He said, despite the slowdown in the increase in cases, the number of deaths from corona, intensive care (patients), is increasing and may reach maximum levels between late November and early December.

The President also warned of a possible third wave of the epidemic and said a third wave is expected to arrive between January and February, which will be much worse than it is now.

The renewal of the emergency for 15 more days was approved by the Portuguese Parliament on Friday, requiring mandatory monitoring or active monitoring of the complete or partial closure of infected people, as well as establishments, services and companies.

As of Saturday, a total of 249,498 cases of coronavirus have been reported in Portugal and 3,762 people have died.



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