Suryavanshi actress Niharika Raizada: India taught me patience | Suryavanshi actress Niharika Raizada: India taught me patience

Mumbai, 21 November (IANS) Actress Niharika Raizada says that the recent virtual summit between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and her Luxembourg counterpart Javier Bettel is a good start and she hopes that in future both countries will work on cross-cultural cinema.

The actress, who will soon be seen in Akshay Kumar-starrer Suryavanshi, the late legendary musician O. She is the granddaughter of P. Nair. Niharika was born and raised in Luxembourg and is a celebrity, representing both countries. He is also an Honorary Cultural and Arts Ambassador between Luxembourg and the Republic of India.

Niharika told IANS, I am happy that the two countries have started negotiations. Over time, I expect the two countries to also focus on the entertainment, arts and culture sector. There is a lot to share between the two countries.

He said, cross-cultural cinema is the future and the two countries have a lot of similarities in terms of art and creativity. I am excited about the future, as I represent both countries in terms of birth, values, work and jeans.

The actress also told about what she learned from both the countries. She said, I am the first Indian-Luxembourg, who was crowned Miss India in Britain. Apart from this, I have been the first runner-up in Miss India Worldwide. I am very attached to my two origins. Luxembourg gave me my language skills. I speak six languages ​​fluently, including German, French, Spanish, Luxembourg, English and Hindi.

Niharika said, India has completely changed my perspective. India calmed my mind. Luxembourg taught me diversity and India taught me patience.

Niharika Raizada is currently in Luxembourg. She is exploring the international cinema market after completing her project in Bollywood.

He described the Bollywood world as quite adventurous. Niharika said, My next film Suryavanshi has definitely made my trip to India very useful and fun. This year I was invited to attend the Luxembourg Film Festival in March and since then I have stayed in Luxembourg. My life has changed due to Kovid-19.

Niharika said that she has recently completed shooting for the German film Himberin Mitt Senff, directed by Ruth Olsen.

Niharika said that her dream is to do films in every language that she can speak.



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