A civilian injured in IED blast in Kabul | A civilian injured in IED blast in Kabul

Kabul, 22 November (IANS). Two separate IEDs exploded in the Afghan capital on Sunday, a day after the incident in Kabul in which 23 people were killed and around 50 others were injured in a 23 rocket attack.

A civilian was injured when an IED blast exploded in a taxi at Hesa-e-Haval-e-Khair Khana Meena at 6.10 am, news agency Xinhua quoted Kabul police spokesman Firdaus Faramaz as saying.

He said, the injured taxi driver has been taken to the nearest hospital.

The second blast occurred just minutes after Sultan Mahmud Vat, a road connecting the International Airport to the Intercontinental Hotel, damaged a Ranger-type Afghan National Army vehicle.

No one was injured in the second blast however, two vehicles were damaged.

Informal sources said four people were injured in the first blast. At the same time, it was informed that the taxi belonged to the personnel of the National Security Directorate (NDS), the country’s national intelligence agency.

Officials said 23 rocket attacks were carried out in several parts of Kabul on Saturday followed by two IED explosions in the Afghan capital.

No organization has claimed responsibility for the attack yet.



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