Cow tourism policy will be made in MP: Shivraj | Cow tourism policy will be made in MP: Shivraj

Bhopal 22 November (IANS). The Government of Madhya Pradesh is moving forward for cow protection and promotion. State Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has announced that a cow tourism policy will be made to connect the new generation with cow services in the state.

Chief Minister Chouhan organized a seminar with representatives of various institutions and the Sant Samaj at Gau Sanctuary Salaria in Agar-Malwa district and received their suggestions. During this, he said that a policy of cow tourism will be made to serve the cow mother and to connect the new generation with it.

Chief Minister Chouhan said, a consolidated policy has been started in Madhya Pradesh for cow-service. It is better to run cow-shalas only by the government alone, to add various voluntary organizations with reverence, faith and dedication.

Chief Minister Chouhan said after the discussion, soon a virtual meeting will be held with all institutions in this regard through video conferencing, so that everyone’s suggestions can be received in a big way. Based on this, a new cow policy will be made in Madhya Pradesh.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that pesticides made from cow-urine can liberate us from poisonous chemical, whereas cow-wood and other products are more relevant today.

Giving information about the decisions taken in the meeting of cow cabinet, he said, “We have a proposal to put forward voluntary organizations for the operation of cow sheds and to get minimum amount in the form of cow grass for better resource in these cow sheds”. We will not depend on cow-grass alone. Various schemes of Panch Parmeshwar and other related departments will also be resorted to for operation and new construction of gaushalas.

Chief Minister Chouhan instructed the vice-chancellor of Nanaji Deshmukh University to set up a research center regarding cow mata in Salaria. He said that a training center should also be built on the basis of operation of gaushalas here. There should also be efforts to set up national service scheme camps here. Arrangements of meditation yoga should also be done in the company of cow goddess. Efforts will be made to make this sanctuary an example of a self-sufficient cow shed.



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