Indian American accused of pushing woman on railway track | Indian American accused of pushing woman on railway track

New York, November 22 (IANS). An Indian American in New York has been accused of pushing a woman onto a rail track when the train was approaching the city’s underground station.

According to the police, Aditya Vemulapathi allegedly attacked the woman on Thursday and she fell on the track, lying on the track until the train passed over her. The fire department later rescued the woman.

New York Transit Police Chief Kathleen Orilli said on Friday, the offender intentionally waited for the number 5 train to arrive and then pushed the woman onto the tracks. She fortunately fell between the two tracks on the track and suffered only minor injuries.

Police have termed Vemulapati as homeless. After the alleged attack, he lay on the platform of the metro station and was held by a transit worker until the police arrested him.

Due to Kovid-19, he was produced before a judge through video link during detention and has been charged with murder and attempt to murder. On being told by the prosecutor that he had already been arrested in states such as Missouri, Florida, Judge Keisha Espinal ordered him to be arrested.

Vemulapathy did not know Lilliana Sagabekeela, a 40-year-old woman. Orelli said, the perpetrator had no contact with the victim and had no interaction between them. The entire incident is captured in the video. This is very disturbing. We see him waiting, arriving at the train station and pushing the victim onto the tracks.

Sarah Feinberg, acting president of the transit system, said the city is currently in a mental health crisis. We have found many people in the city who are in dire need of mental health care.

A few days ago, a man was similarly pushed onto the track for not begging.



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