Mel Gibson falls in love with Fatmen’s absurdity | Mel Gibson falls in love with Fatmen’s absurdity

Los Angeles, November 22 (IANS). Actor Mel Gibson says that he was attracted to his new film Fatmen because of his absurd or inconsiderate things.

The 64-year-old actor played the role of an unconventional Santa Claus in his upcoming comedy film Fatmen. They say that despite the film having a dark side, its story is heartbreaking.

According to Contact’s report, Gibson said, “I was mesmerized by the script.” It has a dark side and that is absurdity. This is certainly absurd, but I think it is all implicit.

The actor told Heyugaise, at its center is a heart that is very good. It is honest about its oddities and simplicity.

Gibson also said that he enjoyed working with his co-star Marianne Jean-Baptiste. They helped to excite everyone by baking cookies on the set.

She said, she is very good. She brought into character all the qualities of warmth and motherhood and love that Mrs. Claus must possess. He is a good cook, he made cookies for everyone.



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